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Technical + General Distribution (Pty) Ltd was first established on the 13th of April 1979 which happened to be a good Friday. The company started as manufacturers/commission agents specialising in and promoting of sales of Overseas technical products and materials. In 1997 the company started importing items on their own account and distributing to South African customers, this includes magnets and magnetic materials.

In 2002 the company purchased its own offices and warehouse in Randburg. The company continues to import on its own account and mainly distributes permanent magnets and magnetic material and certain other technical items which they import mainly for manufacturers and suppliers who we have personally visited and who are accredited with ISO9001 or equivalent quality certification.

In 2012 Mr Bob Stacey joined the company as a 50% shareholder and Director and brought with him a wealth of experience and knowledge particularly in hand tools and measuring equipment. Shortly after this the company also expanded its sales into industrial springs and clips using local manufacturers who are accredited with ISO9001 certification.


Services We Offer:

  • Technical information on any application.
  • Site Auditing.
  • Product Delivery (Additional Cost)

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