Neodymium Magnets | Common Applications

Rare Earth (Neodymium) Magnets

Introduction: Neodymium Magnets

We offer a wide range of Neodymium magnet products. Neodymium magnets can be used in many different applications. In this article, we will list a few products that make use of Neodymium magnets.

Neodymium Magnet Grippers:


Our Neo Grippers are rubber coated and have a female thread on the top side that makes it easy to attach this magnet to different objects. The rubber coating increases the shear force because of the friction it creates when applied to a metal surface. It is also ideal to use on a vehicle because it will not scratch the paint. The most common use for them is to hold tracking devices on vehicles, containers, etc. They are an ideal solution for holding vinyl graphics, lights, and signs in place on vehicles. This product comes in different diameters that include the following;

  • 22mm with an M4 female thread.
  • 34mm with an M5 female thread.
  • 43mm with an M5 female thread.
  • 66mm with an M6 female thread.
  • 88mm with an M8 female thread.

Please follow the link if you would like to request a quote on the Neo Grippers.

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Neodymium Pot Magnets:


The Neo Pots consist of a metal casing with a neodymium magnet on the inside. We use round disc shape magnets and also countersunk ring magnets in the pots. Similar to the Neo Grippers, they also have a threaded hole or countersunk hole which makes it easy to attach a bolt. The casing protects the magnets from breaking and cracking. Neodymium Pot Magnets provide excellent adhesion strength because the magnet also magnetizes the steel casing. So one pole would be on the face of the magnet and the other would be on the outer diameter of the casing.

We do offer different size diameters on the pot magnets. Click the link below to see what sizes we offer and to request a quote.

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Neodymium Badge Magnets:


Badge magnets consist of a steel plate with disc shape neodymium magnets mounted onto it. This comes with a keeper plate that has foam back tape on one side. These magnets are mostly used for name badges, but because of their strength, they can also be used for many different applications like attaching mosquito nets on non-magnetic window frames.

We offer both rectangle/square shape and round/disc shape badge magnets. Follow the link below to see what sizes we offer.

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Skittle Magnets:


Skittle magnets consist of a round/disc shape Rare Earth Magnet with a plastic pawn shape shell. They come in many different colors and offer the perfect solution for holding paper on a whiteboard or any other magnetic board. The strongest one would be our 12mm skitlle magnet that can hold up to 19 A4 size pages. These magnets are very popular in schools and offices, but because of their strength, they can also be used as a fridge magnet to hold up calendars or your favorite family drawing.

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Magnetic Wooden Knife Holders:


Another common application for neodymium magnets would be wooden knife holders. Hobbyists and knife makers like to put these magnets inside a piece of wood to display their knives. They then place these knife holders in a display case to show their knives. Popular shapes used for the wooden knife holders would be rectangle/square shape neodymium magnets and also round/disc shape neodymium magnets.


From what you can see in this article, neodymium magnets are more common than you might think and they can also be used for many different applications. One thing to always remember when working with neodymium magnets is, to never judge them by their size because they might just bite you.

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