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What Are Flexible Magnets?

Flexible magnets cover a wide range of magnet materials. They are designed to be bent or shaped without breaking or losing their magnetism. They are not hard or solid like your standard Ferrite or Neodymium Magnets. Flexible magnets can be bent and even rolled, depending on the type.

Magnetic Performance:

As with all magnetic materials, performance in terms of pull force is hard to determine by just the magnetic characteristics. You do get a way of measuring the maximum field strength called “maximum energy product BHmax” but the pull-off is also influenced by the type of magnetization used. Generally speaking, the thicker the material, the stronger the pull.

Types of Flexible Magnets:

Flexible magnets are available in different types and forms. You can get them in strips, sheets, and roll forms.

Magnetic Sheets:

Pre - Cut Sheets

They are generally pre-cut to a specific size and can be made with an adhesive backing or just a plain UV hardened coating with no adhesive. In addition to this, you also get a Ferro Type sheet that is not a magnet itself but is ferromagnetic which means that magnets can stick to it.

Magnet Rolls/Sheets:

Flexible Magnetic Sheet

These are similar to the sheets, but they come in roll form. Flexible magnet rolls are more versatile as they offer plain, adhesive, and vinyl backing for many applications. They also come in different thicknesses. Common applications will include vehicle magnets, promotional magnets, and even magnetic wall drops.

Flexible Magnetic Strips/Tape

A + B Systems For Posters

Magnetic strips also come in different types for many different applications. Typical applications include fridge magnets, poster displays, or attaching reflective tape to vehicles so that it is removable. You also get a c-profile flexible magnet strip that is used for lableing.

Magnetic Tiles/Sheets:

Self Adhesive Tiles/Kiss Cut

Similar to magnetic sheets, these are pre-cut sheets that have small magnet tiles with an adhesive backing. They generally have 100 pieces per sheet and are commonly used on calendars for fridges and promotional flyers.

Benefits of Flexible Magnets:

Because these magnets are so flexible, they can be used for many different applications. This is especially helpful when a surface is not flat. Flexible magnets are also very easy to cut by using scissors, knives, or die-cutting which makes it easy to shape the magnets to your application.


From what you can see in this article, flexible magnets have many uses and can be very versatile. If you are looking for any of the magnets mentioned in this article, you can contact us for a FREE Quote.

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