A + B Systems For Posters

A + B Systems For Posters:

  • The 12.5mm extrusion Mag “A” and the Mag “B” allows perfect alignment or mating between profiles.
  • The two separate 12.5mm Mag “A” will perfectly align / mate to the 25mm Mag “B” profile.
  • The magnet to magnet application is most useful for fixing of posters and graphics in display system. In addition to Mag “A” / Mag “B”, other types of self-aligning systems can be manufactured on request.
  • Super aggressive adhesive is specifically developed to adhere to flexible backing such as display laminates or posters.
  • This adhesive requires a curing time of 24 hours before rolling the laminate and extruded strip magnet.
MFL01012.5 mm x 1.5 mm30
MFL01112.5 mm x 1 mm30
MFL01312.5 mm x 1.5 mm30
MFL01620 mm x 1.5 mm30
MFL01925 mm x 1.5 mm30
MFL01725 mm x 2 mm30

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