Double Faced Round Fishing Magnet

Double Sided Fishing Magnet:

  • Large 93mm double sided fishing magnet 400KG combined pull.
  • The double-sided fishing magnet is ideal for horizontal fishing.
  • The unit offers a 400KG combined pull off (200KG per side).
  • Made from solid steel for maximum durability.
  • Units are coated to prevent corrosion.
  • Build to endure the deepest water and toughest conditions.
  • The unit has a multipole array of magnets, Normal magnets have a sheer force that is around 30% of the pull off with this multipole magnet your sheer force is equal to the pull off.
  • The perfect tool for fishing big metal objects from water such as safes, guns, knives, swords, engines, tools, and more. You might be surprised by what you can find lying in a pool of water.
  • Supplied with a eye bolt in place ready to be used.
  • Start your treasure hunt today.
  • Custom made sizes available on request.
  • A TGD original design.

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