Drum Magnet

Drum type Magnets:

    • Drum type magnets are used in various applications and are often used for the removal of ferrous contaminants from many types of materials. These are also often used in recycling.
    • The drum type magnets are normally used at the end of your conveyor, The unit can be driven ( Be the drive roller for your conveyor ) or be a slave roller depending on your application.
    • The unit is supplied to fit your existing equipment ( If you have an existing conveyor )
    • The unit can be supplied with the conveyor setup if required.
    • The unit can be supplied as a slave roller for the conveyor to run over whilst the drum magnet is not driven.
    • These units are available in various Gauss options from 1500 Surface Gauss to 15 000 Surface Gauss.
    • These units are available in different lengths and Diameters to suit your needs perfectly.
    • These units are custom designed and built to your requirements.

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