Dry Goods Drum Separator

Dry goods drum separator:

  • Dry goods separators are used to remove ferrous contaminates from your material .
  • This is a self-cleaning magnet that will automatically clean itself and discharge ferrous contaminates trough the second outlet while discharging your clean material trough the first outlet.
  • These units are ideal for cleaning large amounts of material
  • Used for Maze, Soya, Beans, spices, and much more
  • Units are fully made from food grade stainless steel
  • Supplied complete ready to run with motor, gearbox , bearings,
  • Inspection window is supplied
  • Available in various Gauss ratings from 2000 Surface Gauss to 12 000 Surface Gauss
  • Various sizes available to handle your feed input .
  • Units can be designed to work in line with your existing equipment
  • Custom built to customer requirements to suit your needs perfectly

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