Hot Water Jacket Fluid Trap Magnet (CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE)

Hot Water Jacket Fluid Trap Magnet:

  • Hot water jacket fluid traps are mostly used for fluids that need to stay warm so they do not clog up ( This includes oil, chocolate, honey, syrups, and other fluids that are packed whilst hot )
  • These hot water jacket fluid traps have an outer chamber where hot water is circulated ensuring the material temperature remains at the desired temperature.
  • These magnets are very effective and remove even the finest ferrous contaminates from your material.
  • Gauss ratings of 8000 Surface Gauss – 12 000 Surface Gauss is available. Certificates stating the Gauss is supplied.
  • Both the magnet chamber and hot water chamber is sealed and pressure tested after manufacture. ( Pressure test certificates are supplied )
  • Made to fit your existing lines no matter the shape or size.
  • Designed with easy cleaning in mind. You loosen the T handle holding screws supplied, Pull out the lid ( The magnets are secured to your lid ) clean the magnets and close everything up ready for production
  • These units are fully made from Food Grade Stainless steel is polished to a sanitary finish.
  • The magnet tubes are seal welded closed and polished to a sanitary finish.
  • A double food-grade O ring is supplied on the lid to ensure an excellent seal is achieved.
  • Temperature gradings from 120 degrees Celsius – 250 Degrees Celsius is available.
  • Available with any fitting needed to fit your existing lines..
  • These units are custom built to customer requirements to suit your needs perfectly

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