Lightweight Chute Magnet

Lightweight Chute Magnet:

  • Lightweight Chute magnets are often used on vibratory feeders for the removal of ferrous contaminants,
  • Due to the feeders constantly moving lightweight magnets are critical and these tube magnets are ideal.
  • These magnets are available in 25mm Diameter, 41mm Diameter, and 52mm Diameter.
  • These magnets achieve 8000 – 12 000 Surface Gauss and are supplied with certificates.
  • Units completely made from food-grade stainless steel.
  • Tubes seal welded closed.
  • The tubes are polished to a sanitary finish
  • These magnets are supplied with female tapped end caps ( Studs are also available )
  • These units are often supplied with the attachment brackets which can set your heigh and clearance.
  • Units can be supplied in any length to suit your application.
  • Various temperature grades are available.
  • These magnets are designed to customer specifications to ensure they fit your needs perfectly.

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