Magnetic Sweepers

Magnetic Sweeper:

  • Powerful Handheld Magnetic Sweeper Available in 2 sizes.
  • Solid rubber tires on nylon wheels.
  • Load and release mechanism.
  • Magnetically and Structurally built to last.
  • Contains a powerful Ferrite magnet.
  • Custom units available on request.

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Magnetic Sweepers are an essential tool for cleaning and maintaining large outdoor spaces, such as parking lots, driveways, and construction sites. These heavy-duty magnets feature a large magnetic surface area, making them ideal for picking up metal debris, such as nails, screws, and metal shavings. It is also equipped with an easy-release handle to easily remove the material that was picked up.

With their powerful magnetic force, Magnetic Sweepers are capable of attracting and holding a significant amount of metal debris. This reduces the time and effort required for manual cleanup. The large magnetic surface area also ensures that even small metal objects are easily picked up, leaving the surface clean and free of debris.

Sweeper magnets are commonly used in a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, and automotive. They are perfect for cleaning up metal debris from worksites and parking areas. They are also popular for use in private homes, where they can be used to clean up metal debris from driveways, yards, and other outdoor areas.

Whether you need to keep your worksite clean and safe or maintain a tidy home environment, sweeper magnets are a reliable and effective solution that will save you time and effort. Invest in a high-quality sweeper magnet today and experience the convenience and efficiency they provide.