Magnetic Yokes

  • Magnetic Yokes are used for Non Destructive testing.
  • The magnetic Yoke’s are very durable and very easy to use.
  • Units are portable and are used anywhere.
  • These permanent magnetic yokes do not require any power and are built to last.
  • These magnetic Yokes are easy to use when checking your welds, joins, and material for imperfections.
  • Magnetic particle inspection ( MPI ) is a non-destructive testing process for detecting surface and shallow subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials.
  • These magnetic yokes puts a magnetic field into the part you are checking . This is done by simply putting the two yokes over your weld which induces a magnetic field into the part.
  • The magnetic Yokes are supplied NDE spray . We supply a white contrast spray which is applied to the surface prior to putting the magnets on the surface.
  • You now spray the black magnetic ink over the surface you are checking.
  • If there is a break/crack in the weld the black magnetic ink will build upon this spot clearly showing the imperfections.
  • The presence of a surface or subsurface discontinuity in the material allows the magnetic flux to leak since air cannot support as much magnetic field per unit volume as metals.
  • These magnetic Yoke’s are vital in your factory for checking the quality of your parts.
  • The set is supplied with the Yokes. Contrast Spray, and Black magnetic ink spray.
  • We do also offer the NDE spray separately.

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