Neo Grippers


MAS07922mm Gripper 5KgM4
MAS08243mm Gripper 10KgM5
MAS08066mm Gripper 18Kg M6
MAS081 88mm Gripper 42KgM8

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Our Neo Grippers are rubber coated and have a female thread on the top side that makes it easy to attach this magnet to different objects. The rubber coating increases the shear force because of the friction it creates when applied to a metal surface. It is also ideal to use on a vehicle because it will not scratch the paint. The most common use for them is to hold tracking devices on vehicles, containers, etc. They are an ideal solution for holding vinyl graphics, lights, and signs in place on vehicles.

Neo grippers are powerful magnetic holding tools that can be used for many different applications. It is manufactured from powerful rare earth magnets placed in a multi-pole array which increases the holding strength. It also offers a very strong pull to thin and thick plates.

This product comes in different diameters that include the following;

  • 22mm with an M4 female thread.
  • 34mm with an M5 female thread.
  • 43mm with an M5 female thread.
  • 66mm with an M6 female thread.
  • 88mm with an M8 female thread.