Pivot Type Plate Magnet

  • Pivot Type Plate Magnets are Ideal to operate over chutes and conveyors carrying materials.
  • The Pivot Plate is mounted over your conveyor or chute using the brackets supplied.
  • These units are built with easy cleaning in mind, when you need to clean the unit you pivot the unit open so that the magnet face is now facing up. Over the magnet face, an easy-clean stainless steel hinge plate is supplied which you now hinge open to release the ferrous contaminants that you have caught. You can now close the easy clean plate and pivot the unit back into the operating position ready for production.
  • The Pivot Plates are height adjustable.
  • Available in either Ferrite (+-2000 Gauss), Rare Earth/Neodymium (+-5500), or Samarium Cobalt (+- 5500).
  • Operating gaps will be between 20mm – 300mm depending on size.
  • Units custom built to customer requirements.
  • Various temperature grades are available.
  • Various sizes are available.
  • These magnets are designed to customer specifications to ensure they fit your needs perfectly.


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