Scrap Recycling Magnet Separator

Scrap Recycling magnet complete:

  • The scrap recycling magnet is supplied completely ready to run. ( Can also be used in other applications where you are separating different materials)
  • The unit is supplied with the conveyor, Rollers, Motor, gearbox, Drum magnet, splitter, frame, bearings, and feeding hopper to suit your needs perfectly.
  • These units are often used to separate aluminum cans from steel cans.
  • The units can also separate normal scrap metal ( You end up with the ferrous taken out and the Non-Ferrous discharged )
  • These units are made to suit customer’s requirements.
  • Available in various Gauss ratings from 2000 Surface Gauss – 8000 Surface Gauss ( Higher Gauss options available )
  • Drum magnet Diameter from 100mm – 1000mm to offer the field length and strength you require.
  • These units can be supplied in any size to suit your feed input.

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