Special Type Chute Magnet

Special Type Chute Magnet:

  • Special type chute magnets are used for applications with a high flow of material, Materials that have a larger particle size, and in applications where the material is light ( like Flower ) that can easily clog.
  • Special type chute magnets can also be produced using Grid type or Bullet type magnets depending on your application.
  • These units could have multiple magnets depending on the application
  • These magnets are designed with easy cleaning in mind. The magnet is quickly and easily accessed by releasing the holding clamps and then hinging open the magnet door.
  • The magnet is supplied with an easy-clean stainless steel hinge plate over the magnet face which you just hinge open to release the ferrous contaminates that you have caught.
  • These easy-clean hinge plates which can wear out over time is easily replaced.
  • Options available will be Ferrite Anisotropic (+- 2000 Gauss), Neodymium/Rare Earth (+- 5500/10 000 + Gauss), or Samarium Cobalt (+-5500/10 000 + Gauss).
  • The housings are often supplied ( It is vital that the housings are made from nonmagnetic stainless steel ) These housings are supplied with easy installation in mind and will often bolt onto your existing flanges.
  • There are little to no limits on these special type chute magnets.
  • Various temperature grades are available.
  • Various sizes and shapes available,
  • These magnets are designed to customer specifications to ensure they fit your needs perfectly.

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