Standard Fan Magnet

Standard Fan Magnet:

  • Fan magnets are used to fan ferrous steel sheets ( Either square, rectangle, or round ) to make the handling and separation of steel sheets much easier.
  • Often these sheets have an oil coat to prevent rust. This often means that the sheets are hard to part by hand especially when the sheets are quite thin. The fan magnet will fan open the sheets automatically making your life much easier.
  • Fan magnets are often used when you use suction cups ( Vacuum process ) of picking up sheets to be punched or formed, These fan magnets ensure that you only pick up one sheet at a time as multiple sheets can cause damage to your equipment.
  • Various attachment options are available to suit your needs best.
  • These fun magnets are built to be very durable and should last a lifetime
  • Available in various sizes to suit your range of sheet metal
  • A must-have for people who work with sheet steel often.
  • Custom made units available

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