Tapered Bullet Magnet

Bullet Magnets:

  • Bullet magnets are used when you have materials that do not flow well or have larger particle sizes. These magnets allow for a good flow of material.
  • The tapered bullet magnet ensures with the bullet taking up space in your pipes the flow is not restricted.
  • Typical applications are Flour, Sugar, Salt, Spices, and Powders.
  • A sharp nose ensures even flow over the magnets working surface.
  • Designed with easy cleaning in mind, bullet hinges/piano hinges open outside the bullet housing for easy access to regular and easy cleaning.
  • Self-cleaning / manual cleaning designs are available
  • Fully made from food-grade stainless steel.
  • Options available will be Ferrite Anisotropic (+- 2000 Gauss), Neodymium/Rare Earth (+- 5500/10 000 + Gauss), or Samarium Cobalt (+-5500/10 000 + Gauss).
  • Various temperature grades are available.
  • Various sizes and shapes are available.
  • These magnets are designed to customer specifications to ensure they fit your needs perfectly.1

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