Wet Drum Separator

Wet Drum type Magnets:

  • Wet drum separators are used for the separation of different materials. These types of magnets are often used for Ferrochrome separation.
  • Small units are available to remove shavings from your cutting fluid ( Used with lathes, milling machines, surface Grinders, etc,)
  • Wet drum magnets are available in different Gauss ratings of 1500 surface Gauss – 12 000 Surface Gauss depending on your requirements
  • The separation of different materials is achieved by separating materials according to their magnetic properties.
  • Water sprays are used to ensure the material output is as clean / concentrated as possible.
  • Units are supplied complete, with the magnet, bath, motor, gearbox, bearings, wiper, and splitter.
  • Units are constructed from nonmagnetic stainless steel
  • Various widths and diameters available to suit your feed input.
  • These units are designed to suit your requirements perfectly

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