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What are Separator Magnets?

Many different industries make use of Separator Magnets. You get different types of separator magnets, as explained in the article below. The magnets do what the name suggests, they separate contaminants or other magnetic particles from your raw materials/products. To ensure Food Safety standards, magnetic separators also play a very crucial part in the Food Industry.

Types of Separator Magnets:

Magnetic Rods/Grid Systems:


The Food and Plastic Industry mainly makes use of Grid Magnets for the removal of ferrous material. These rods/tubes are manufactured from food-grade stainless steel to a maximum strength of 10 000 Gauss, which is the world standard for food processing. To make it easier to mount and remove for easy cleaning, these tubes are manufactured with tapped holes on both ends and closed welded.

Grid Magnets can also be made with a round or square frame to fit your existing product line. Normally tube type separators are fitted where the product is free-flowing. It is the best form of separation due to its high strength and ease of cleaning. Loose Gird Tubes are generally provided to customers who want to fit the magnets themselves.

These magnets can be manufactured to customer specifications.

Door Hump Magnets:


Door Hump Magnets are used where product flow can not be restricted through the system and where bigger particle sizes make it impossible to use grid systems. These magnets offer a free flow where the material flows over the magnet preventing a blockage. Normally the door hump magnets are positioned opposite each other creating a magnetic circuit to pull ferrous material toward the magnets.

A step in the door/magnets allows the ferrous material to build up away from the main feed f the material. The doors are also hinged to open them for easy cleaning. These magnets also have a deflector bar above the doors to guide the flow of the product toward the magnets.

These magnets can be manufactured to customer specifications.

Liquid/Fluid Traps Magnets:


Fluid Trap Magnets are used to trap/separate ferrous material from fluids and liquids. Mainly used in the oil and chocolate industry although it can be used for any liquid application. Magnetic Grid Tubes are used with a strength of 10 000 Gauss to trap and hold the ferrous material when the product flows through the magnets.

Regular cleaning is very important to prevent build-up. These magnets can be manufactured to customer specifications to suit their existing product line.

Plate Magnet Separators:


Plate magnets are normally suspended over a conveyor belt that carries your product. These magnets can be manufactured to be self-cleaning or manual cleaning. These magnets have a pulling distance of +- 250mm although the closer the magnet is to the conveyor, the stronger the pull force.

The plate magnets should cover the width of your conveyor to avoid so that it does not miss any ferrous material that could be in your product flow. These magnets can also be manufactured to customer specifications and to fit existing product lines.

Magnetic Audits:


Magnetic Audits should be done to determine the condition and strength of your magnets on an annual basis. This should be done to ensure that your magnets comply with regulations. We use Gauss Meters for these types of Audits where test certificates are supplied to confirm the strength of the magnets. This helps to establish if your magnets need to be replaced. We can recommend the necessary steps to take if your magnets are not up to standard.

Many types of separator magnets can be manufactured for different applications. This article does not cover all separator magnets but the most common ones. To see what other products we offer, please follow the link provided —-> Industrial Magnets

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