Magnets For Sale – Magnets 4 U Services:

No inquiry is too big or too small for us! We are open to everyone!

  • Whether you need technical information or are looking for a magnet for sale for a special application, do not hesitate to contact us! Our trained sales team will strive to provide a solution for you.
  • We have a wide variety of technical books, catalogs, and web page downloads available for visitors to peruse at our premises. Subjects cover axial flux generators for wind turbines, hall effect sensors, and lots of information on detailed magnetic characteristics of various materials.
  • We have several gauss meters available at our premises for customers to evaluate and test magnets in their own applications, sometimes customers use our demonstration magnets in our showroom to ascertain the best magnet for their particular applications. Should customers require to use a gauss meter, in their premises, these meters are available for short term hire.
  • We are available on a fee basis to carry out orders of customer’s existing magnetic equipment often called a magnetic audit. The customer is presented with a detailed report, often with photographs to identify equipment. Such magnetic audits are mandatory in certain industries.
  • We are often called by customers to investigate problems customers have with a ferrous tramp in their manufacturing process. This covers a variety of industries from food, dog food, animal feed, tobacco processing, spices, and plastic industries, etc. We examine the customer’s problems on-site and provide solutions in the form of detailed proposals. In many instances, the customers install the magnetic equipment themselves but we are able to offer installations of complex equipment at the customer’s premises.
  • We also offer printing and cutting of flexible magnets.
  • Own a Gauss meter? We can have these tested and calibrated depending on the brand of Gauss meter owned.
  • Not sure what magnet to use? We have been in the industry for 41 years and will gladly help you to determine which magnet is best.